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Websites have become so affordable that just about all businesses can afford to have one. We can design and upload your website onto your web-space and offer free consultation on the best web hosting options available.  Some popular web pages are:

· Main page

· "About us" page

· "Where we are"

· Photo gallery

· Contacts page

· Testimonials page

· Prices & Products page

· Query or Form page

· Guest book

Our website creation options are:

Entry Website
One to two pages. Acts as a web version of a business card or brochure
Price: $200

Basic Website
Three to four pages. Adds extra detail such as products or prices
Price: $300

Intermediate Website
Five to six pages. Tell your clients even more about you
Price: $400

Large Website
Seven to ten pages. Wide ranging website with features such as comments and queries.
Price: $500